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The Alligator Board is designed to be a complete and reliable solution as RepRap 3D printer electronic control board. The base module features everything you need to build a standard 3D printer, and with the expansion piggy this is the most complete solution for complex 3D printers





It is based on the 32 bit Cortex M3 ATSAM3X8EA microcontroller (Arduino Due CPU). This represents a big step towards greater computing power, compared to the existing solution based on 8 bit mcu. This product is well suited for any kind of 3D printer, and is the ideal solution for Delta models, requiring more complex computation.

Board Alligator Piggy
arm cortex m3 32 bit

Professional design

The professional design of every part takes care of the needs of the most exigent makers, ensuring best performances in your application.

- Filtered Power supply

- ESD protection on each I/O

- EMI protection for USB interfaces and Ethernet

Motor driver

The solution provides up to seven motor driver with firmware configurable 1/16 or 1/32 step size (i.e. 3 axis + 4 extruders). Each motor current can be set up to 2.5A directly via firmware, without trimmer.

On board Ethernet

The Alligator comes with a 10/100 Ethernet interface, allowing it to operate in a network environment, running a web server and any kind of internet application.A unique MAC address is guaranteed to each board by a preprogrammed on board chip.


The Alligator can be connected directly to a Raspberry-PI board, with its native 26 pin expansion header.

Dual USB

The Alligator features both the native USB interface of the microcontroller, and a USB to UART interface.

High Current Outputs

Up to five high-current heater drivers, with precision RTD input is provided. You can use them to drive one bed heater and up to four hot-ends. The connectors are selected to support high current without blowing


The end-stop interface features six digital input, allowing the use of up to two sensor per axis. Both mechanical and optical or magnetic solution is supported. The interface can also power the external sensor.

External Memory

An external 32Mbit Flash memory is available, in addition to the 64Kbit EEPROM.

and Moore......

- Micro-SD slot         - Two external FAN driver       - Expansion connector       - Three generic PWM output (i.e. rgb led)



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